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Between the people cutting high voltage wires or stealing anhydrous ammonia (and while on drugs to boot), I'm really surprised you don't hear about this more often.


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How long til the bleeding hearts come out and say that there should be some sort of system built into the power grid to eliminate this from happening in the future?


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In related news, his friends and family all stated what a great guy he was and he didn't deserve to be deep fried.
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Check out what this guy said:

SilentBoy741 4 days ago

And now a word from Pastor Eyes: "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here to mark the passing of Dustin Harris, a warm man, a flickering light for all those around him. A grounded man, once bursting with energy, who still knew how to conduct himself when things began to heat up. And he was -- 16 feet, you say? -- apparently well-traveled."

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