MA 11 Hatching

After a long dry spell, I took the Kayak out to my favorite stretch of beach today and was lucky to have a slightly overcast day, lite breeze, and no crowds...not that this bit would have crowds but after my efforts to launch at DP last week, I gave up on the nut house and went back to serenity.

The SRC action was little to none with a few follows and an LDR on my usual lucky, Chum Baby style streamer.
What I did notice was what appeared to be a huge flying ant "hatch" of some kind. I don't know how long they last but next time Ill be bringing some dry ant patterns because apparently that was todays menu :)
Thousands of them littered the water and at first I thought termites...they may well be as my insect skills are basic.
Some pics of the day and if you go out soon...bring some drys!
I hit the water on the incoming to noon and a bit of the outgoing.

You can see them littering the surface...the seal is unimpressed.

I was out salmon fishing in my kayak today & saw the same insects buzzing the surface. Would be interesting to get a read on what species this is from one of the experts on the board.

The Pinks weren't interested in them.....


Pat Lat

Mad Flyentist
JackD was supposed to let me know when they started hatching in his area, shoot me a message if you go again soon, I'll make sure we have flies to match.

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