catching Kings - not via fly


~El Pescador
been fishing area 11 since July for kings from a boat with bait and harware. the last two weeks has been good, real good. We put two in the boat Sunday and lost two. we went out last night and in a just over an hour, we got two. going out again this evening as I can't get out over the weekend.
Kings are in and will be for maybe two more weeks. Nothing big, ranging from 10 -17 but when you get a couple it adds up quickly. my freezer is getting full.
Oh, details......
Vashon Island trolling the typical flasher/hoochie. other rod is pulling the triangle agitator (new for me this year) and a cut plug. Bait is working really good about 90 feet down.
been noticing I am getting more fish on the minor tide exchange, regardless of time, versus the major tide exchange. testing that theory again tonight.

attached are fish from last night - not the greatest photo but you get the idea. Bright one is 11, darker one is 14.



Nice to have the King in Puget Sound again! I missed one Wednesday evening and I missed one Thursday evening (both came unbuttoned). A 10 to 17 pound King on my flyrod will be awesome. Thanks for sharing your report, continued success!
I forgot how awesome kings are until this year. Actually had two fly caught kings out of my boat last weekend. Not by me but I was thrilled to be part of it. Neither was huge but super cool on the fly.

Those are gorgeous fish. Nice job.

I'm in the process of buying a 19' Arima. They accepted our offer, and we are doing sea trials tomorrow. If the mechanics inspection goes well Tuesday she will be mine. Not much time left this year but ill be ready for next summer for sure!


~El Pescador
nice fish PT.
we got blanked on Friday night but had two take downs.
will be at it again this coming weekend.

Nick - he silvers will be here soon so fish from that Arima this season. I has a 16 ft Seachaser. That boat was great for the sound and we took plenty of fish from the sound in it
You guys are lucky to be catching fish up there. Tacoma sucks! Check the wdfw creel reports. Usually less than a 5 percent catch rate yesterday 2 percent. Hundreds of guys a couple of fish. Yesterday we went out again, nobody got anything. Over 500 anglers out of point defiance only 10 kings. Terrible. That many guys only caught 140 pinks too. Where are the fish?


~El Pescador
we need some rain to push things thru and get thigsd moving. The kings are turning that smoky tinge color right now.

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