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I have been lurking on this forum and thought it’s time to start adding to the conversation. I grew up in Montana so the saltwater beach fishing is a completely new game for me. I have learned a ton by reading all the posts and reports and I am very thankful for the knowledge and advice here. I live in Seattle and have three young kids so my time on the water is pretty limited these days but I am determined to catch a few this year in the salt. I mostly fish Lincoln Park as it’s close to my house and earlier this week I was able to try Bush Point on Whidbey during a work trip. A quick report from this week-
8-14 – Fished Bush Point from 5:30am to 8am. A few fish rolled when I first arrived and I had one follow. Most fish were well beyond the reach of the buzz bombs and the entire morning only one fish was caught from a boat. I was the only fly guy and probably 20 gears guys were there by the time I left.
8-15 – Fished Lincoln park after work from 6:30pm to almost 9pm. I was the only fly guy along with almost 25 gear guys and 5-6 boats circling. Things were slow, only saw a few fish roll and two fish landed down the beach.

I still have a lot of work my cast to get consistent distance and minimal back casting so if nothing else I chalk up my skunked trips to casting practice. Two weeks ago I was able to hook up twice but never sealed the deal so I am extra motivated.

I have two questions –
1- I am currently using floating line with a pretty heavy fly, about 9-10’ of leader. Should I consider a sinking line or is this more dependent on the beach you’re fishing?
2- My wife and kids are out of town ALL weekend. I have complete freedom to travel anywhere I want and fish as long as I want. This may not sound like much but 3 years ago we had twins in addition to our two year old so the last 2-3 years have been a blur of craziness with limited fishing. To have an entire weekend without work or family is beyond rare for me! I would like to head out tonight and I plan on camping or sleeping in my truck throughout the weekend. I would like to fish a handful of beaches and I am not opposed to hiking to reach a beach, the more remote the better. I am not looking for secret spots but a general recommendation on which direction to head. I was considering Deception pass and then driving back down the west side of Whidbey, maybe head out towards Port Townsend? If you had the freedom to leave Seattle this evening which direction would you head for a weekend of beach fishing– north, west, south?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

For line selection, I'd say it depends. If your fishing a shallower beach I think a floating line with weighted fly is fine. If the beach drops off good, I use an intermediate line and either weighted or unweighted depending on depth. Really it's kind of trial and error, you want to get down to the fish but you don't want to be constantly getting hung up on the bottom. Hope this helps-


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If I had to pick just one line to fish the beach, it would be an intermediate with a clear head. An intermediate seems to best cover many of the fishing situations our present.
Floaters have their place as well. I'll also fish a Type III if I know the beach has a close to shore drop-off into deep water.
Good luck this weekend.

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