Raft trailer - custom winch and roller for tilt bed


I hope she likes whitefish
So, here's my latest brain child on the raft trailer. I tested it out with my 8 year old and he was able to pull the raft up and secure by himself, so I think it's considered a success. I put the roller on the front to facilitate the rope rolling down to the raft when the bed is tilted, which is actually easier than having the bed flat. I used a piece of galvanized pipe with a crease in the middle, 2 bearings, 2 L brackets bored out, and a fulton winch rated at 900 lbs. The rope is 28 feet of 5/8" nylon and fits PERFECTLY on the reel with no cutting necessary. Let me know what you think.



I hope she likes whitefish
Yep, glad he got his mother's smarts. :)

Pretty awesome though right? Next step is to replace the deck wood and wrap with some form of carpet.

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Looks good. Sorry, I forgot to send you pics of the strap I use to lift the bow but you got it dialed. I'd back it off so it isn't riding on the front roller but that's just me.

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