NRS Raft with fishing frame for sale

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Selling my NRS Sport Series Giant Slalom 12' raft with Bighorn fishing frame. Also has the extra stern seat/frame to fish one up front and one behind the rower. Stern anchor setup, Cataract oars with Magnum blades. 18" tubes on the raft and also have two thwarts if you want to use it as a paddle boat.

For details about the boat see:

I'm also working on getting some pictures up. This is a great little raft for low flows and places you can't get to in a driftboat. Toss it on top of your rig and go. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Ooops, forgot the price. $2500 obo.

Bruce Gray
Hi Nailknot, I sent you an email via the bbs. If you didn't get it feel free to drop me a line at bgray @ Take out the spaces. Helps cut down on my spam.

Hi Bruce:

Just curious - what are you getting for a replacement? I have an Aire Super Puma w/frame similar to your NRS. Have you found something you like better?
I'm looking to replace it with a driftboat. Being a gearchucker, I've found the DB suits my needs a little better than the raft. Pulling plugs, fishing in Jaunary in Forks, etc. I'd love to keep both because the raft lets me fish a lot of places and times of the year that I can't from a DB but I can't sell that idea to my wife.
Nope, it's not a self-bailer. Got the standard floor. I've never put it on the scale but the specs at NRS says it weighs 110 without the frame. Never been a problem for two guys to chuck it on top of my truck.

I'm always surprised with folks who gotta have a self-bailer on a fishing raft. The self-bailer is the only way to go if your crashing through a lot of standing waves or dumping over class IV and V drops where you have lots of water coming over the sides of the boat. But for fishing rivers at fishable flows like the Duc, Calawah, Hoh, Sauk, etc., why do folks want a floor that's always full of water?
The raft is in excellent condition. It's always been kept in the garage loosely inflated when not in use and gets wiped down after every trip. I don't have a trailer for it. It's no problem for two guys to toss it on top of my Toyota. The oars are the Cataract composite 8'5" shafts with magnum floating blades.

I've attatched a goofy pic of it up on the Sauk River last spring loaded up to fish me and two others. I'll get a better pic of it not so cluttered up to give you and idea of what the inside setup looks like.

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