NFR: Any Smashburgers in Washington?


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Just wonder if any of you guys that travel have eaten at one and if they live up to the hype. I know there was a lot of hype about Chipotle when it came to Spokane but it was more like a double and take third on a throwing error than a home run...I tried Red Robin on one of my Spokane trips and was totally underwhelmed and disappointed. Better burgers are served at the Usk Grill.

I will be in Spokane weekly for the next few months and it would sure be nice if there was a decent burger joint for those days when eating out of a paper bag has lost it's appeal.

Ive, Flamin Joes would be a great place for burgers in Spokane if you havent givin it a try yet. Also Spokane would be a great place to jump in my raft and catch a few trout some morning when your in town!
I'm not a fan of fast food, but for burgers Zip's is good, along with Fatburger. I agree Red Robin sucks. I've heard D'Lishes burgers on Division is good, too.+1 for Minors in Yakima.
Assuming you're coming in and north-siding it:
Zips...papa joes..great drive in burger, several locations (inland NW chain) but they have different owners, try the one at the base of Monroe, but they're all pretty good.
Fatburger: Ash and Francis, not bad, spendy, national chain.
D'Lish: Division and about Indiana..great burger and fries, local
O'dohertys north: Divsion and Hawthorne, pretty good sit-down place, and they've got Guiness, local place on Nevada in WinCo foods parking lot...decent burger, good brew selection. Trying to be a better applebees.
Big foot tavern, Division and US2, used to be great burgers...haven't been in a while. Local.
Cinaloa Tavern/restaurant, US2 and Mt. Spokane Pk. Drive, I've had a couple of really good meals here on the restaurant side, my wife loved the burgers. Local.

The great recession has opened dozens of places in Spokane, everybody's trying to out-do the other, you can find a good meal without resorting to national chains.
If you're up on the South Hill, I'd recommend the Two Seven at 2727 S Mt. Vernon. It's affiliate with the Elk Public House. Good pub eats, including burgers and a great beer list too.

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You ought to look up a few good restaurants also. After a while you will get tired of Hamburgers. When you are young, that all you want to eat because they are quick and fast. But as you get older a good steak or seafood is better.