FS Sage ONE rods for sale.. a few others as well

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I am selling a few Sage ONE rods. heres what i have

rod #1 Sage ONE 9ft for 4wt- used and fished but in excellent condition. Comes with tube, sock and blank warranty card. 375.00sold

rod #2 Sage ONE 10ft for 5wt. Used and fished as well. has a few scratches on it but in overall excellent condition. comes with tube, sock and warranty card. 385.00sold

non sage rods- all 2 piece rods as i have switched to 4 piece as i travel a lot

Loomis IMX 9ft for 7wt 2 peice. This is and awesome rod for streamers, light saltwater and steelhead fishing. Comes with sock. 150.00

Loomis GLX 9ft for 9wt. comes with sock. Rod is also in amazing condition. this is an original GLX - 225.00

will only ship rods to Conus. Shipping and paypal fees not included.
Dang, can you shave a foot off that 10 ft ? Or can you tell me unbiasly from wanting to sell how the 10ft does with the dry fly ? all i fish is dry and most of all i read is 10ft are great for nymphing but no one seems ot mention anything about the dry ?
I personally love the 10 ft 5 weight for dries. if you need to bomb a cast this is the rod to do it b ut when you need in close it still throws in close just like a 9footer.
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