Rocky Ford camping

Hey all,

I'd like to shoot over and Fish Rocky Ford one of these weeekends. Can anyone recommend a place to pitch a tent in the creek's vicinity? I don't mind traveling away from the water a little bit in order to find some solitude.


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There is a KOA, nothing fancy, it's been a while, so maybe someone could be more exact, but I believe it's around Soap Lake.
Have fun over there. Tight Lines, G.J.Bartolotti


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Was over there this past week, you won't find shade to camp in- not much for wood etc. at the parking areas at Rock Ford Creek, there is a potty and a water spiket. Glen mentions going to Soap Lake area to camp- good idea and close to grab a meal, great little town.
You can camp in those designated parking areas. We did have a small rattlesnake about 4 footer slither through the parking lot where we were camped after it started to cool off in the late part of the day. SO keep an eye out esp.if you plan on taking children or pets. The day was great though.

Chris Scoones

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[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Jul-24-01 AT 09:17 PM (PST)[/font][p]Nice fish Robin. Pete was kind enough to forward the picture to me. ~C


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Thanks Chris,
The entire weekend was a direct result of the posts from Mr Trout. Everyone had a good time fishing and caught fish. A few of us die hards were out at the crack of dawn and there at sunset (naturally there were cat naps in between) with the weather being fabulous for fishing, you could not have had a more perfect weekend. There is talk of this group getting together several times a year to play someplace. Great Idea. Wish you could have come on along- but Ca. must be fun.

mr trout

Trevor Hutton
Hi, wow what a place! Although I did make the first post, Nothing would have happened with the trip without the kindness of Peter and Robin. I am glad I got to meet them! That trip is sound proof that there are good people in the world and that a large percentage of them are on this site. In case any one else is non-activley participating in this strain but is still reading it, R.F. is a great place to practice detecting sub-surface strikes through watching your line. you can see the fish take then see how your line acts and react. The group I was with (Robin, Peter and others) was great. If you know people, it is a fun place to go with others. I had a blast, and am sure you will too.
p.s.- if you are in the far camping area/parking lot use the Latrine whenever you are near it, 'cause it can be a long walk to the nearest one when "nature calls".