Good buy or bust.


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$110 to get a new tip plus 10 bucks for the rod equals 120 bucks for a Winston Vapor. Not knowing which Vapor rod you got but this seems to be a very good deal.
$120 buys a marginal new rod or reasonable new rod when spent well. Good job! $10 was a small, small risk to take and like someone said, worth the tube and sock.


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Telling the tale of the rod that was so close to the dumpster and now landing fish and making memories is worth the investment. The grandkids will have even better storys to tell as the rod is passed down the family line.

Good buy!:)

now the rest of you stay away from garage sales... move along there is nothing to see here.
I have a bunch of Winston Rods... not one purchased new. I once bought one with a loose ferrule. I called & asked what type of glue to use. The tech guy told me to send it in, they'd fix it & send it back with out charge. They wanted to be responsible for the repair done right...& I made it clear I was NOT the original owner.
I also had a 5 piece rod missing the tip section. $110 was a fair price to pay... shipping insured with the weight of the tube & all... again, making it clear I was not the original owner.
I love the rods, I like their customer service... I find it all fine & fair...


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I love and own 2 RL Winston rods, I have a 15' Derek Brown Spey rod, and a 10' LTX for summer steelheads. I personally love the color green they use on most of their high end rods. Every dollar I've had save and spent was well worth it. Few years ago, my 15 foot DBS rod had paint scraped off. I took down to a local fly shop; paid $20.00 for shipping and within 10 business days, I got my rod back and rod was in beautiful condition, just like I had it originally. They did a great job repairing my rod and I can't find any flaws and blemishes were the original paint was chipped off.

If people asked me if it was worth it to pay $1000 rod; I'll say "HELL YA!" That is why I paid such high price for it in the first place; not only for it beauty and also quality that came with the rod.

I personally think if you get 10 years out of a rod, whether it is 40.00 or 1200.00. I think you've got your money back for all years you had left your rod in SUN or


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$110 is crazy expensive for just a tip replacement but at the end of the day you are getting a good rod for $120 so you still win despite the slight rip off.

Count your blessings and enjoy that rod despite how hard it is to shell out that cash on the repair... I'm sure you will be glad you did!

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