They thought I was crazy

For the last year I've been dreaming of a 2wt spey rod to fish my favorite small trout river. I was having issue find one and when I inquired about a 2wt spey they would just look at me like I was crazy. Ed Megill a spey fanatic and co owner of the Confluence Fly Shop didn't look at me as a crazed lunatic but just smiled and said "I know a guy". Ed hooked me up with Skagit Spey Custom Rods. After a few phone calls and 4 week my 2-3-4 11 foot rod with custom cork and reel seat showed up. I could not believe the attention to detail and high quality of the workmanship. I paired it with a Ross Vexis 1.5 reel and 240 grain airflow compact Scandi line and off to the river. The rod castes like a dream and had no problem placing the fly at the far bank. Here's a picture of rod and its first fish. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1376957748.154297.jpg
I'm using the Airflo 240grain compact.
No sure on the blank but you can't go wrong with the Meiser. I have the 5/6 Meiser switch and it a great rod.

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I have absolutely fallen in love with throwing flies to gulpers with my trout Spey. There are a few companies that make TRUE trout speys. I have a Beulah and its perfect. I also considered the mieser 3-4. I see it in my future. Now start throwing fatty sculpins and you will pull large predatory fish from the runs!
Steve ... mine is an older model that has been discontinued - I believe . Which is a real shame , as it`s actually two rods in one . It comes with an extra butt section , and when paired up with the top two sections of the spey rod , it becomes a 9 foot 4 weight single-hander .

It`s very good when configured as a single-hander , but it is outstanding as a spey rod .

And the best part is , I`ll be using it today on the mighty Thompson .:cool:

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I've had a couple switch rods built by Skagit Custom and had excellent results. I broke one after a few years of use and he built me a brand new upgraded rod for $75 in about a week. I far as performance goes I don't have anything to compare them with but they catch fish for me.