Cheap waders and Reddington on the

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Thanks. I see that those waders are available in XL size only, on that sale. Dang! Too big for my scarecrow frame!

I did just place an order there. I noticed the Redington CT and CPX rods, but I don't need any more rods.
Got some good deals on their warehouse sale. Quicksilver Bali flip-flops for only $6.98, and an Outdoor Research hat also for only $6.98. Some cool boardshorts for only $18.98, and some good deals on hiking socks. Picked up a normally too-high-priced fixed blade knife (wear on my belt while hiking) for a more reasonable price (SOG Team Leader with a 5" blade...$35), and a bunch of other miscellaneous items.


fishing hack
Picked up one of those CTs for the girl the other day since our pup bit through the tip of her Crosswater before she'd ever had a chance to cast it!