date night

The kids were picked up at five. After having a rough day, Enlightened turned to me and said,"we're getting outta the house tonight!" Neither of us being big on the bar scene, she gave me two options: take her fishing or shooting. In her state of mind, I felt fishing would be more therapeutic. Between the wind and low water conditions, fishing our favorite spots hadn't been an option for nearly a week, but last night the wind died and the water was back up. Game on! I noticed nothing was rising as we launched our pontoons. Unusual, but I knew a hatch could come off at any minute. I tied a small damsel nymph on both of our lines to prospect with until a hatch happened. We tried for over an hour without a bump and still seeing no riseforms. Enlightened moved in closer to shore and began casting in tight to the riprap, knowing some big trout often nose along the rocks picking off tidbits. Suddenly she was hooked up, and when it jumped I was surprised to see a good bass on the end of her line. It ran right at her, trying to use her boat as cover, but she managed to keep it on long enough for me to get over for a quick pic. Her first bass of the year!
I rowed back to shore, leaving Enlightened with a content smile on her face, to get more beer, and maybe catch a carp while I was waiting for a hatch. The slough beside the boatlaunch is usually full of em, but the water visibility was crap. I started just casting to swirls, hoping for the best(or at least a squawfish). The first fish I caught was a perch roughly the same size as my fly. Then a slimy squawfish. Then to my surprise, two decent bass.
When I finally looked up, I realized the hatch had started without me. Trout were rising everywhere out along the edge of the current. I saddled back up in my toon and was soon into a feisty eighteen inch bow. We both caught a couple before the hatch stopped as suddenly as it started. Enlightened finished with two species, I found four(some kind of slam, I guess).
No bees this time? I don't see a bee suit. What's up with that?... daring the bees or what? :)

Seriously, glad there where no dangerous mishaps during this trip.
he gets my pontoon in the water as I set up my rod. I'm careful along with tri:) we do not travel far.....and I'm seeing the allergist in October:) He watches my back:)

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