Redington vs Diamond Back


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Looking for a decent budget trout rod.

Currently I'm comparing the following 9' 4wt 2 piece rods:

Redington RS2 $149
Diamondback All American $159

Both have good warranties, are medium/fast, and weigh around 3.1 oz.

Any thoughts?


steve s

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i would also check out st.croix's imperial line. i bought a nice little 4# 8' about five years ago and it has done just great. i busted one of the guides off in montana a few years back and made an on the stream fix and haven't had any other problems. i know that they have a good warranty as well. it is a great little rod that i still use most of my fishing even with more expensive rods available. i haven't tried the redington or diamondback so i'm not sure how they measure up but st. croix makes a really decent rod for not too much.
steve s


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Thanks Steve. This rod will be replacing a St Croix imperial 5/6wt that I broke at Rocky Ford (out of warranty :MAD ).

I own a Diamondback Backwater 3-piece 9ft 8wt. Fast and firm is the only way to describe it...I really like and enjoy casting that rod as it truly launches heavy heads for me. Broke it once two years ago (my stupidity) and turn-around time was excellent with no questions asked.

That being said, I've not casted a rod from the All American series. Nor have I casted anything from the Redington RS series, either.

However, I must confess to having a very strong preference for equipment made in the USA by American craftsmen. Diamondback rods are designed and built in a small facility in Stowe, VT. When the company was bought by Cortland in 1998, everything, including management and rod crafters, remained in place...heck, the previous owner even stayed on to continue overseeing the operation. I believe Redington once built their rods on either Loomis or Lamiglas blanks here in the USA, I don't recall which. Then they opted to go to an overseas source for their blanks and kept the same models, just changed who made the blanks; some folks immediately noticed the difference. I believe their blanks come from a compoany like Composite Developers or Creative Composites in New Zealand. Not sure if the rod is finished there or is shipped to Korea for the finishing process or not. Hard to uncover some of that info.

If you want inexpensive, decent quality and made in the USA, the St. Croix Pro Graphite series is an excellent rod below $100. I'm sure the Diamondback All American rod you are looking at for $150 is probably as good if not better. If you don't mind supporting corporate profit and the overseas labor market by purchasing imports, Temple Fork rods are getting excellent reviews and, they too, start under $100. I'm sure the Redington RS series rod you are looking at is probably equally as good if not better.

You've heard it a million times before: cast it before you buy it. Sometimes this is difficult to do because of a particular rod's availability in the local shops. Cabela's has both of the rods you are interested in and have a great return policy to boot, so you really can try them both out on a side-by-side comparison.

Just my $0.02.


Kaari White

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Hi, I just bought a Redington Wayfarer, 9' 5weight, 5 piece.. All around, it just works the best for me, my #1 is a Veristex 2 piece....But I think this rod might take its place once I get used to it.
If you're looking for a good deal and have a little time on your hands.. Try eBay or the virtual fly shop auctions.. I bought my brand new redington on ebay for far below retail.

I have never cast a Diamond Back rod. However, I do own a Redington RS 8/9 wt 4 pc that I use for salmon fishing in the fall. It certainly does the work of bringing in the fish. But, it can be quite exhaustive to cast for a long period of time. Try your local fly shop and try out the Diamond Back if you can. Keep in mind that that I bought the Redington RS (rod, reel, line, leader, case) for $135 with lifetime unconditional warranty.
Redington is great about their Warrentee. I'm on my 5th broken rod in three years. I think the local fly shop hates me, but it's a big joke. Not bad quality rods, I'm just unlucky! I'd go Redington! ~SC