Henry Island salty

Long time freshwater angler, going to a house on Henry island tonight (last minute trip). Anyway, do I bring a 9'6" 7 wt and just toss some baitfish patterns from the beach where I am staying or is that just totally pointless?

Sounds like outgoing tides, rocky points, etc are what to look for, but is it something that has to be done in specific spots, in the fish travel lanes? You know what I mean? I am just curious, and I'll probably throw around some casts and see what happens and report back. If anyone has any little tidbits to pass along that would be great. I'll be tossing:

7wt 9'6"
Floating line
baitfish patterns/ streamers

That's about it I guess. Wish me luck.
Not sure where Henry Island is but there could be pinks around. Make sure to bring pink colored flies just in case. I use an intermediate line for most salt but a floater with a beach popper is a lot of fun! Good luck!
Henry Island is a little island off the NW shore of San Juan Island, near Roche Harbor, if that helps. I am guessing some places are a fish highway, and others, just aren't, so we'll see. Thanks for the pink tip.


turns all year
I'm up here on vacation and have been fishing (non fly gear) open bay/kettle point out of a boat. There have been decent flushes of pink into the bay. We are fishing them 40-60 feet primarily, but they show themselves on the surface quite a bit. FWIW, some of their bellies have had baitfish in them.


turns all year
Went out Saturday morning and ran into a school of pinks harassing baitfish. Pulled out the fly rod thinking what the hell. There was a prompt tug, missed it. Another cast, this one sticks and to my surprise a small coho was on the other end. Chartruese over pink clouser. Saw some other guys flinging flys.

Back to reality and the beach.
Nice, sounds fun. I fished for about an hour from a stand up paddle board, but not really that well equipped, but had fun anyway. Looked like lots of boats at the mouth of open bay pulling some in. thanks for the posts.

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