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I have smoke a variety of different meats, but never salmon and I was wondering after the fish is brined, how much smoking is required? Should I smoke for color, time or what?
I have a little chief smoker.

First pink I did, I air dried with a fan for about 1.5 hours, then smoked for about 11 hours. Turned out good, though maybe still a little on the moist side.

Second batch I did, I air dried without a fan for about 6 hours (which I think was too much, but I got caught up with some other stuff, ie fishing, and didn't get home in time). Nonetheless, I then smoked it for about 8 hours, and it still turned out really well. Super tasty, though the thinner parts of the second one were a bit jerky-like.

As you can see, I'm certainly no expert. But it seems like there is a pretty big margin for error with smoking. It's kind of hard to mess it up, in my experience. I think generally I hear people saying they smoke for 8-12 hours, but I imagine it really depends on the smoker you have.


Jeff Dodd

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I suggest get the smoke going good before you put the fish in the box, then smoke it through 3 pans of chips. After I think the fish is sealed and you are wasting chips and annoying your neighbor.
I am using a lil chief and it takes a while. just depends. my last 2 I smoked the other day was about 5 hrs and it looked done except the top rack. we put all the meat in the oven at 350 for 15min and it's fine.


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I put a temperature probe into the air space my little chief when smoking some salmon on a cold fall day here in Eastern washington and discovered it does not necessarily reach the temperature recommended for food safety (at least 160 for 30 minutes in the center of the fish pieces). Even with the insulating shell it did not do so.

I had some fiberglass house insulation battingn and cut pieces to secure around each side, and now it works fine.

Heres a link on food safety when smoking fish:

Smoking Fish at HomeSafely.