Chopaka bound Sept 5-8


~El Pescador
heading to the promise lands in a few weeks and I can't wait!
anybody been there recently?
any one going to be there over the Holiday weekend?
anyone going to be there the same time I am?

this will be my 4th year of going and I have a pretty good plan of attack - but any new information is greatly appreciated.

what about camp fires? will we be able to have camp fires?

It has been a very hot, and very dry summer with night time temps warmer than I have ever seen in 40 years. I keep a constant eye on night time temps for a favorite lake that sits 500 feet higher than Chopaka. Night time temps are finally dropping into the mid 50s. My "go sign" comes when night time temps at favorite lake drops into the 40s. Hopefully this will happen before October.


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I fished Blue Lake in the Sinlahekin last week and the surface temp was right at 70 deg. I would think that Chopaka would be cooler as it is much higher in elevation.


~El Pescador
at 3,000 ft hope so and i hope this rain goes over there this weekend as well. night time around a lantern is just not the same!!
any one going to be there over the long weekend?
I don't think altitude has that much to do with it if the temps don't calm down. My wife was in the vacinity of a couple of lakes that are above 3,700 feet and being the fly fisherman's wife took a couple of temps. Both lakes were right at 70 degrees. Bottom line is, the night time temps need to cool up there and that is not in the near forecast.


~El Pescador
heading out early tomorrow morning and here is what I know based on my buddy who is there already. It rained all this morning and wind. he was out yesterday afternoon and got 7 on dries. Given that he is a sub-surface bugger kind of guy, that raises a lot of questions. not sure if they fished today because of the weather. Thunderstorms and rain forecast tomorrow (frown). Better on Friday and best day looks like Saturday. Had report that fish were in the reeds and picking off damsels when they fell into the water - sounds like a fun way fish. And - we can have fires!!
I'll be back next week and will bring back some stories.....


~El Pescador
been busy so I am finally giving a report. We caught fish every day. We had a major storm (thunder, lightning and rain) Thursday in the middle of the night and a big rain Friday afternoon. I think that storms, rain and the warm water temps had an effect on the fishing as we usually hammer fish all day long. The weeds are up on the south end of the lake. cruising the shorelines and either casting into the reeds or parallel to the shoreline produced. picking up the retreive in the afternoon helped - the shoulder was sore Friday evening. Saturday was the nicest day and while I only brought in 6 fish I must of missed or lost another 15 or so takes. The place was not crowded at all. maybe 12 people there by Friday night. intermediate lines stripping buggers, hares ear or olive nymphs (6 pack, carey. etc) worked. I did not do well with dries. But tossing a floating blue damsel by the reeds got some attention as well. I got no love on chiros.
Very few places beat the scenery and because of the rain, we were able to have fires each night: Fishing, friends, fresh air, fires and Fireball - it don't get much better than that!!!

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