For all of you who've donated to the PHWFF 2 Fly, PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!

Jerry Daschofsky

Staff member
Ok, I'm on vacation this week. I'm going through all my donations and putting them into the files so I have a hard copy of everything. Which puts me into the exact amount of funds donated so far. But what I came to realize (and was my fault), is that some of you didn't put an address on your donations. I have to have that for the 501c3 aspect. Need to put these in as "in kind" donations still. So have to have that to account for the money. To date, these are the people I need addresses for. Just PM me your address. Thanks (and let me know who's who too lol).

Jun Kim
Jim Hudak
Eric DeJong
DS McLeod
Amy Roberts
Theron Volkman
Rob Ast
David Dalan
Dan Kostomay

Sorry for tossing real names out here. but not sure WHO you were on the paypal.