Lets see you Puget Sound beach flies....

Thomas Williams

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Looking to expand my beach box beyond the pink and green baitfish. If anyone can post your ties that you found effective from the beach that would be helpful. Thanks.

Thomas Williams

Habitual Line Stepper
Nice! I got my second pink on my own tie today and it felt pretty good. Also I like how this thread has progressed lets keep this going! I like this in place of buck tail.


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The chartreuse over hot pink clouser I posted earlier worked well.
It went 6 for 10 on coho this weekend over a couple of half days.
It is beat up but was still getting bit when I left the beach today.
Chartreuse over pink has been my go to fly this season after it did well for me last season. I've been tying them clouser style with "fish scale" material and a decent amount of the standard pearl flashabou b/w the colors extending past the end of the body material. The regular flashabou swims really well. I'll try to remember to post a picture later.

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