Sullivan lake, creek and mill pond

Eric Denny

Summer is over but I'm still fishing!!
I am going up there this weekend and just wanted to see if anyone has been up there fishing of late where some good spots might be and what they have been hitting? If you don't want to talk openly then p.m. me because I understand thanks for the help.


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Well, the lake at 5 miles long, a mile wide and 300 ' deep isn't exactly a mecca for fly fishermen. The Mill Pond, although it holds some real nice fish, has a put-in so odious that few people bother with it. Plus they charge a launching fee but warn you that boat trailers are not advised! Bureaucracy at work. You can launch a float tube or pontoon down by the dam though with no charge.
Many parts of the creek will be occupied by gold dredgers this weekend but you might find some love in the lower part of the creek before it joins the lake's outflow.

The river below Box Canyon Dam is very low right now, you could try for some smallies between the dam and the motel.

Saturday should be the last legal day to dredge the creek, or so I'm told. Hopefully sunday and Monday should be ok. I would imagine there would be a lot of people up there for laborday weekend. I would have loved to maybe drive up there and finished with you for a day but it's the archer opener. Even if the fishing isn't good it is still a beautiful area and you have the salmo-priest wilderness you could go hike into and explore.
Eric -
I camped at the Mill Pond CG last year when in the area on a field trip. I didn't have a tube or boat, so I was confined to wading the stream. I fished the stream just above where it entered the lake (right behind the CG) and caught a few browns and cutts. I also fished at the point where the stream enters the lake and forms a substantial delta. By casting into the stream and feeding line until the fly reached the drop off at the end of the delta, I caught a couple nice fish.


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I fished up there last weekend. Not the same creek, but I did well enough to want to go again. :) I fished the South Salmo. It was a hell of a walk, but it was fun. The fish were mostly small, but I didn't care. They'd hit a bare hook, I think.

Eric Denny

Summer is over but I'm still fishing!!
Well thanks for the tips and please keep them coming i leave tomorrow and will be off and on here tell i go.


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Was up in that area middle of last August with my 12-yr old daughter. We caught fish in pretty much every creek we stopped at, some more than others, mostly small fish, but we like that. Fished Sullivan Cr several locations. Lots of fish up high, didn't have much time to fish down near the lake/mill pond, but caught a few. We had fun at Harvey Cr a little south from Sullivan and at Slate Cr a little north. Typical summer fishing - elk hair caddis or the like, sometimes with a small prince dropper if the stream was big enough. A drive to the end of the Sullivan Cr road at Salmo Mtn Lookout has some great views. Have fun!


Went back through there a couple of years ago on a swan song tour. Was disappointed in what they had done with the dam and the water levels. Used to be my go to spot in the spring for Rainbows and browns in the teens or some 5 lb brooks but it looked like they "managed" the place into extinction, although a guy caught a 14 lb brown from shore while I was there. Somehow the fish seem to survive in spite of the way the place is managed....hope they never stock it, the rainbows look like nothing I've ever seen from the hatcheries....


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Any more last minute tips before i go??? On any of the little creeks up there. better enjoy Mill Pond while it still exists...they're removing the dam to return it to it's 'natural' state. I wish they just left the thing as it is, crappy boat launch and kept out everything but the hardcore riff-raff, like myself.

Eric Denny

Summer is over but I'm still fishing!!
Well back from my trip if you want to know how it went and you commented on this thread you can p.m. me or check out the report in fly fishing eastern washington and north idaho. Yhat i will post later. Just dont want to post publicly also got a couple pics.

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