Spada Lake

Yeah I was wondering about it myself. They closed the gate last fall after 9/11 because they were worried about someone contaminating the water supply or blowing up the dam. If it is open, it should be pretty good, as it doesn't get any pressure. We've had our best luck up in the arms or by any of the dozens of little streams that feed in there. Most of the fish we get aren't that big but they sure like to go airborne when you hook'm. I haven't tried any dry fly's in there, woolie's in amy color work well. The dragon fly nymph's we got from Hill's work pretty good too. They sink REALLY fast! The fish aren't shy either, even in shallow water. It stays pretty clear even in spring run off, but line size doesn't seem to matter. I would be interested in how to get the big ones to bite? There has to be some in there, since the don't plant it and being a self-sustaining fishery. But its a BIG lake. I never been down to the dam area, maybe their in deep water, huh? If anyone knows if the gate is open, please post something on here.
Thanks, Jim J.


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I was in the area about two months ago and there is/was a sign just past the Lake kellog road stating that the area was closed. I guess you need someone to check out that area and see if they took the sign down yet. Or else try calling the Dept of F&W. Jim
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Why is it everyone suspects that the "Big Ones" are out in deep water. Truth is there is little to eat out there and the fish that are there are "resting" on a thermocline of cool water or passing through on the way to new feeding grounds.
The biggest fish are more apt to be in SHALLOW WATER.
Spada Lake is higher elevation and colder water than most. I suspect a 15-16" fish is about all the bigger 98% of the fish there ever get.
I've caught fish to 18" in Spada (and MANY between 16 and 18"). Two years ago a friend of mine landed a fish that was 23 1/2", and built like a Donaldson. . .

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