Monster Madison brown washed up on bank


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If you want to read about a living brown beast, check this one.
Maybe someone else has blogged this...oh well.
There was an article in Sept/Oct American Angler...Once in a lifer, totally amazing.
That's a huge fish! But looking at it in proportion I don't think it would top sixteen pounds. That's not intended to take much away from a leviathan like that! While it IS the fish of a lifetime it's not a record or comparable with the dead fish in question. I can't imagine catching a fish like that though. You would honestly wonder what the hell you had on the line! Assuming it couldn't possibly be a trout! Knowing it was and sight fishing it must have been amazing.
I'm working at Campfire Lodge Resort between Hebgen and Quake Lakes. Quake holds some big fish. They make a feeding run up into the Madison in the evenings. The fishing is good, it would be better if the water would drop a few degrees. If your in the area stop by the shop and try fishing about 50 yards below Hebgen Dam.