September Cartoon


Topwater and tying.
Guilt doesn't enter into it! I've been doing it for years using a bamboo "rod", braided line and a mouse pattern (planting stake, dental floss and mouse cat toy). The cat loves it and begs me to get her toy down! Some of her jumps trying to catch it are spectacular!

Old Man

Just an Old Man
I was practicing Spey casting in my back yard one time about 100 years ago(it seems like that long). I had on a W/B. I didn't notice my cat in the back yard. She chased my fly and caught it and took off with it. It's a good thing I always fished barbless. It was a light leader as she broke me off. When she finally came home the fly was gone.


Did I suggest this one? I like it.
This is an old one, Ed. It's from my cartoon book. Skip Morris loved this one because he "fly fished" for his cat so I sent him a 8X10. That was over 20 years ago. During the same time, I sent a 8X10 to Dave Hughes of one of his favorites... that one will show up here someday. John Shewey and Deke Meyer also have 8X10s I created for them but I'll be damned if I can remember which ones.

I've been drawing these things a long, long time. You'll notice that some of the cartoons I post here are penned in a different style than the ones published in magazines today. This one was colored with felt pens... that's a tip off. I now use the computer for coloring the cartoons.

Over the years, my style changed and I started using two specific characters for the cartoons. I also started adding wading boots. Even the fish have changed... I started adding more fins to the salmon, trout and steelhead. I was afraid someone would start counting the fins and give me a hard time because I didn't include the correct number:)