Best region for salmon fly fishing?

I might pull off the crime of the century by tricking my wife into going on a cross country RV trip from Texas to the Pacific Northwest. On paper it looks like a nice cross country family vacation, but if I plan this out correctly, I might get a chance to get 2-3 days of fly fishing. Here's how you can help with my crime spree:

1. It's going to be a summer trip, so which rivers, creeks, or lakes are known to have large salmon populations. Which regions of the state should I be looking at. I'm also open to fishing in Oregon.

2. I will be hiring a guide, but I also need a nice family oriented park/camp to spend 1-2 days ... do you have a good recommendation?

Basically, if I can go fishing early in the morning, head back by noon and then do some hiking, mountain climbing, canoeing, or other family activities with the family, then it's a win-win situation for all parties involved. I'm just exploring my options so any advice/recommendations you can send my way are greatly appreciated. Thanks y'all.


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Baker Lake for sockeye. Meets most of your criteria, but not very well suited for fly fishing.

Not many freshwater salmon options during the summer here. If your set on salmon fishing I would really look into saltwater.
Alaska... nuff said...
Check out a drive around Prince of Whales Island. You can fish the rivers/streams on your own. I know a few parks that have some trails, Just watch out for Black Bears.
How long do you have for your trip??
What I would do.. Hop the ferry at Bellingham, ride up to POW, jump off, do the drive around the island in a couple days, then on the third day, wake up early go back to your favorite place and fish it one last time, then head back to the boat.