Puyallup Pinks

Well, had a few hours to kill so went to the Puyallup. Took the 11' 6wt switch, few flies and practice casting. River look well, like the Puyallup, rain or shine. Went down to one of the gravel bars, looked through my mess of flies and few casts, hooked into a pink. 2 minutes after hook up, everything came back at me, think it was fowl hooked?? After an hour of practice casting, I switched from a slow sink tip to all floating and worked the shallow water with a new fly I tied last night.

3rd cast felt a hard tug and it was on. Got that one to the rivers edge, didn't look to good of shape so let it go. Checked leader and fly and said what the heck, 10 minutes later had another, which tossed the hook, fowled or dull hook, so I changed flies. Nothing with that fly after 30 minutes so, changed back to my lucky fly. Didn't have a hook sharpener, so I found a smooth rock and sharpened away! After ten minutes I saw a few fins coming up through fast water, so I cast out in front and a tug right away. Got that one to the bank and beautiful shape fish about 4 lbs, this one went home with me. Hooked couple more but through the hook.

Talked with an older gentleman for awhile while walking to the trail who I met earlier when walking in and he told me that pinks wouldn't hit flies in the river or once they hit freshwater. I said well, I am here practicing my casting, if I get one, it was by luck then. Well, I was one lucky practice caster this morning!

He said he got so much enjoyment watching me cast, that he forgot that he was there to catch dinner for him and his wife tonight! That made me feel like I accomplished something today, it wasn't that I proved someone was wrong, it was that I made this gentleman's day by watching the real River Runs Through It, without having to go rent it!

Overall a great day for me, felt good to feel the tug and hook a few when other didn't.


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Good stuff! I was in the area a few weeks ago, no success on the salt but saw the gear guys doing well on the river. Wish I would have had the time to stop.


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A few folks down there with you? Us arielest's have a tough time finding decent, uncrowded water on the Puyallup this time of year. Sounds like you had a great day.
Well went yesterday, 4 people around me and nothing caught. I switched to my pink nymph and well the fun began! Ended up losing about 5, brought 4 to bank, released 3 and kept one.

Went again today. Started out late due to I set the weekend alarm and not the weekday, such a dummy, but it was for fishing and not work. Got to the parking area and well, about 20 cars more than usual. People fishing in the area I like to go, so went down stream 75 yards. Gentleman was there so asked if okay to go just above him and he looked at me like I was crazy. Well, I am but he was startled that no one in his history has ever asked to fish around him. He then said, sonny just go below me, nothing here to catch anyways. So I asked again, you sure, he demanded I go below, cause it was easier to watch me fish, than to look up stream. So I went about 30 yards below him and started to fish. Well within about two hours I lost five and got a beautiful 5lb er, biggest pink I have seen! and very bright at that, brightest silver thing I have seen. You would have thought I caught it in the salt.

He asked what I was using, so I showed him and he was that damn leggy thing catches them? So I looked at his tackle, re-rigged him (gear) told him where to cast and low and behold, he hooked a fish! All I can say is I am having fun! Being back in Washington has me smiling again! Can't wait for steel! This pink fishing is getting me pumped!
good on you. gear heads are good people too. you made his day and that's what counts. the more gear heads ya help, they won't think bad of fly folks. yes I will throw gear too just to see. ;)

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good on you. gear heads are good people too. you made his day and that's what counts. the more gear heads ya help, they won't think bad of fly folks. yes I will throw gear too just to see. ;)
Could start by not calling them "gear heads." They're anglers, just like you.

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