NFR Football Weather - NOT!


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The first Nebraska husker home game is tomorrow. It is 99 degrees here as I type this and the forecast for tomorrow is 98. It is an evening game so it should cool down to 95 degrees or so by then.

I don't know how game day works there in Husky land but here the Husker faithful will hit the bars shortly after noon. The tailgaters will be set up and alcohol will be flowing. About an hour before game time they will stumble to the campus where there will be 81,00 + people, a good portion of them drunk sitting in a stadium where the heat index will likely be over 100 degrees. I'm glad I will not be an EMT working there tomorrow. Anyway "Go Huskers!" Should be an interesting evening. The Huskers will likely open a can of whoop-ass on Wyoming but it will be HOT!!!!


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Good luck to the Huskers. Always liked the Huskers more when Devaney, Osborne and Solich were coaching. Personally I can't stand Pelini. He must be related to Mike Stoops lol.
The Huskers have some great fans. I partied with a few the last time they visited Husky stadium.
Tailgating at the UW is similar other then you can arrive at the stadium via a boat.
Enjoy the game tomorrow.


The Beav faithful show up at bars far before noon and swig down Bloody Marys. THEN they head out for their tailgate extravaganza and drink beer. Beer isn't allowed in the stadium but I don't think many of them end up going inside so it doesn't matter.

Chances are they don't even have a ticket to get in and show up just for the tailgate food and drink.

99 is a tad too hot for football. Actually, it is far too hot for football. In these parts, we're more accustomed to 45-60 degrees with a high probability of rain. That is the proper conditions for football.