It's been a good travel year: Who has multiple state licenses?


Not to be confused with Freestone
Always just WA and MT (my home away from home). I did buy a 5 day ID, and couples days in OR...may end up with a 2 day CA...much as it pains me.

Rob Ast

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WA is my only annual. I usually end up with a daily CO lisence (lots of family there) and this year I also got NM (in-laws). I've had a daily or weekly Mat and ID in the past, but not this year.


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WA, OR, ID, MT (Maybe WY by months end during my annual fall trip taking me to Island Park this year, dunno) + Croatia and Slovania (Slovania was purchased ahead of my travels, but never used, I stayed in Croatia the entire time)


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Well this year, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho,Alberta, and my home province BC. Not too shabby for fishing especially for an old guy.