Orvis Hydros Line Question

Does anyone use the Hydros salmon/steelhead line.

I purchased one for my G Loomis 10' 8wt Pro4x and as of right now not liking it. It seems to not go through the guides at any length of cast. Doesn't matter if I try to cast 10' or 70'. Made a frustrating day fishing, so I stuck to roll casting/single spey of 20 feet. Couldn't even get a dbl haul into it, once I would strip line for a cast, it would just stay there and no I did not miss a guide, wrap over the blank or what ever else I can think of. I was going straight to leader off line, not try to use a poly leader or any sinking material. My brother could vouch, that I can take just about any combo of rod and line and make it work, but this time was a big just cant do it.

Got home put on the older line which the Hydros was to replace and one false cast and there it shot a country mile. Guess the old line is going back on the reel.

It seems like the Hydros has a rough surface and it is causing interference with the guides. I guess this line just don't like the guides?

Any thoughts?



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I've not tried that Hydros line, but did try the Orvis Hydros Trout...sent it back as it just seemed stiff to me. I also tried the SA sharkskin when they first came out and changed it out at the end of the season -- really hard to keep clean. All the micro dimples just seem to be places for crap to get into. I'm not a fan of the textured lines, but some swear by them. Old school works for me.


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I have only tried Orvis line once. Unfortunately, I did not purchase it due to the fact that there are so many people who have had bad luck with it as far as reliability goes.

Steve Call

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I've have 2 or 3 Orvis lines for some of my trout rods. I bought a Hydros for my 4wt last year. It casts fine, but the textured surface makes a sound zipping thru the guides that I find distracting.

Someone can correct me wrong, but I think Orvis lines are all made by Scientific Anglers.

Just bought a new Rio Perception line -5wt. Can't wait to try it on Tuesday or Wednesday.
I have loved my Rio's, Airflo and SA lines. Guess I will be going back to what I had used before.

I have two of the Orvis bank shots and love those on my switch rods, tried them on the 10' 8wt and worked good, more due to the weight, acts more like a shooting head.

Thanks for the input!

Hitting the Puy for pinks tomorrow morning. Had another good day yesterday! Kept one bright 4lb'r, released two and lost three in about a four hour period. My little pink, rubber legged nymph with a chartreuse yarn head is doing the trick. Feel like I am Czeching for trout going after these little bastards. First time I have ever really pursued them in fresh water. Tried doing some swinging but nothing, switch it Czech style has been my luck, close to the bank or 1ft inside a seam of fast and slow water.

Oh well, it is fun anyways!


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