Fresh vs. Saltwater Rods


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Many of the rod makers make a fresh and saltwater series of the same rod. Sure, handles are often different for the same base rod and stainless or other corrosion resistant guides, reel seats, etc. are used on the saltwater series...which typically increases price a little. I bought a St. Croix Legend Elite ESW 906-4 last spring and really like much so, I just bought the 908-4. Sure, freshwater rods work fine for salt but are at more risk for corrosion if not gushed clean soon after use. I'm really beginning to wonder why I didn't just buy more saltwater series rods to begin with and use them for both fresh and salt? Anyone else using salty's for their river and lake fishing?


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I use "saltwater" rods for fresh all the time but mostly because I fish salt way more than fresh. I dispute that the guides are any better on saltwater rods with some manufacturers!

You will typically be limited to 9'0" rods with a saltwater series so mending and high sticking techniques in moving water are a little limited by the cross purposing of the saltwater rod IMHO.

Jim Speaker

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I use my TFO TiCrX 6 weight in freshwater a lot when lake fishing and found it was my preferred rod slinging 7 weight sink tips for rainbows and silvers in AK as well. I bought this rod and the Lamson velocity ha II for the beach... works great there, and is a salt setup, but love it too much to not take it to lakes too!

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