Hoh River this Weekend...thoughts?


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Camping in Oly NP this weekend with the family @ the Hoh Visitor Center campground, never been out there but from what I've read SRC should be in the river now as well as the chance of some summer steel. Figured I'd bring the 8wt and 5wt for the few hours I'd have open to fish...am I wasting my time? Weather looks good for Sat, light showers today and tomorrow....
My guess with 1-2 inches of rain the Hoh will be out. Try the Sol Duc for Cutties. May be your only option. Good luck and have fun.


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bring the gear. worst case it sits in the car. best case the rain doesn't materialize on the west side of the olympics and you have a fishable river. summer rain storms can be crazy on the peninsula. a couple years ago it was pouring rain with lightning and thunder in port angeles and sunny and hot out at neah bay. often times these storms hit inside puget sound far harder than the coast.


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You might want to check the mouth of the sol duc (where it joins with the Bogachiel) for SRC. I knocked them dead there one September morning at first light after heavy rainfall.


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Well this explains the rain storm we are supposed to get. Someone had plans to go fish the Hoh.


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