Need suggestions for Western Montana


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I'll be returning from the FFF event in West Yellowstone around the 30th of September and would like to explore someplace West of Missoula for fishing. Requirements would be
1: Off of I-90
2: Camping available for a 22' trailer
3: Wade fishing
An option would be to travel through Boise, although that adds another 2 hours or so to the return trip.

Any thoughts? I don't want to take over someone's secret fishing spot - I just want to use this opportunity to explore new territory.


Greg Armstrong

Blackfoot R. would be an option.
A few campgrounds up there are suitable for your trailer.
I haven't fished it since the dam at the mouth was removed, but I can't help but think it's improved the fishery.
You best options might be the St. Regis, in Montana, or the St. Joe or N. Fk. Couer D'Alene in ID. Another option would be to return over Hwy 12 and fish the Lochsa.



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Road was no issue 2 weeks ago, saw multiple trailers going threw. Fun river, lots of good fishing and wading spots.
There are a couple of tight spots if you make the full trip to Hwy 38... blind corner uphill...passable with a 22' trailer yes, but be advised. +1 on RC being a good option right now. Might also consider the Beaverhead and Missouri near Craig.


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Thanks to all.We'll be fishing Rock Creek on the way down, but we won't be taking the trailer up Rock Creek - been there and looked at that.
Lochsa sounds really interesting, I'll see if we can find the time. It looks like it adds several hours but that might be ok.

Thanks again for all the input


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I'd fish the main stem Couer D'Alene or N Fk Couer D'Alene. The main stem is literally just off I-90, and the N Fk is only 20 or so minute north of I-90. There is plenty of camping available on the N Fk. Both of these rivers are very underrated.

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