Stillwater Quality Fishing Opportunities Oct. 2, 6:30pm

The following is being sent to fly fishing clubs in Western Washington in an attempt to unify the organizations towards improving the “quality” fishing opportunities in the area
working through the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife process. Join the effort, together we can make a difference!

Fellow Flyfishers,
You will find an article attached that we request you to inspect and include in your next monthly newsletter and/or email to your membership. The article invites your attendance at a meeting to be held at the Avid Angler on Oct.2 at 6:30.We plan to move upstairs to the Third Street Commons at 7:00.The purpose of the meeting is to generate support for and strategy for proposals to be submitted to the WDFW for rules changes that would provide for more Selective Gear Lakes managed for quality fishing experiences. If members of your club are interested in participating, we also have attached our draft criteria for selecting lakes to nominate for change.
Our estimate of the schedule for the next rules change cycle is that the WDFW will begin to gather input for rule adoption in April of 2014. Deadline for the public (us) to submit proposals will be June 15, 2014. In early Sept. of 2014 these proposals will be posted to the WDFW web site and public comments solicited. The deadline for public comment will be in late Jan. 2015.So, if we believe that more opportunities to fish in Selective Gear Rules Lakes in our Region is a reasonable goal, it is time to get busy!
Also attached are some draft criteria for lakes to be nominated.Your nomination need not match 100% but the criteria should be a guide for selecting lakes to be nominated.
The link to Snohomish County Surface Water Management site is provided to be shared with your membership describing water quality in various lakes in Snohomish County.The link is representative of what could probably be found on King and Pierce County Surface Water Management web sites.

The next rules cycle starts in seven months.It is time to study and get ready to act.


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