I seen an episode of either Nature or Nova on pbs a while back about the animals in the fall out zone. They showed a lake and the catfish are 8 feet long!!! They say its not from radiation, it is from no predators...
I would guess the carp is the same way.
the show on animal planet "river monsters" did a show on the fall out zone around Chernobyl, I am pretty sure they found that the fish in the intake canal to the melted reactor where actually stunted in growth and where half the size of what they should have been? If I remember correctly it was a good sized wells catfish he caught, but only half the size it should have been for its age.
I try to make sure I'm wearing shorts and flip flops when wading in waters with high levels of radiation. Sometimes I'll cup a big handful of water and drink it down after releasing a trophy like that one, to really celebrate the moment.
I'm just trying to figure out how a fish that's about 25 pounds shy of the all-tackle record and was released (and not tested in any way for radiation) could be considered a "radioactive mutant". Some of these news outlets must have interns watching YouTube all day and making up stories when the videos are in a language they don't understand.
To a person not familiar with grass carp, or fish in general, maybe it looks crazy and instead of doing any research they just made assumptions. I wouldn't doubt it's radioactive but it sure doesn't seem like it's mutated.

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