Small Fish Summer


Proud to Be Alaskan
Late may things were looking down fishing wise, I wasn't complaining

I had interesting things on my mind in 8th grade

then this happened

fuuuuck anchorage

the waiting game ensued

we found a few steelbows

yeah that's glass

the ducks showed up

and made babies

went fishing here, got skunked

dipper don't care

drove like 500 miles to fish this lake

got skunked, but at least sunrise was pretty

Opening Morning First Boat down!

caught a few

swing while you can


dry flies? yes please



Proud to Be Alaskan
Part II

went for a drive, it was pretty

saw some bears

boat ride

saw some whales

killed a hatchery brat

looked for brookies

hung out with dogs

watched the sun set

small but sweet...

Humpy fever set in

sea run cutt...

Swing is the thing

miss this girl

I feel like they converted wrong

went to a ballgame



found some cutts

and some bows

fished here

biked to here

not sure if anyone has ever run this... paddlers take note



Proud to Be Alaskan
part III
ate as many of these as I could find

Glass and color

cutts on dries!

pretty places


some bigger fish hang out here too

some decent cutts too

This fish was awesome! Caught it in a stream that was 4 feet wide, sniped the fly from a bigger dolly though

contrary to popular belief dollies eat dries

you can see where they get the name


small but sweet



this pretty much sums up the group, I believe that the net was bear protection

I did manage a nice dolly here

Oh Dean Peak I want you so bad... got thwarted by storms and sat up there for 3 days got 4 good turns though

went for a national IPA day/Opening day walk

found some fish

pretty light

cutts on stimis

good fish, smashed it

the summer was warm enough for stuff like this!

dock party...


Proud to Be Alaskan
Part IV
Finally caught a lake trout with a two hander...


I want

so I got a job here, pretty sure I'll be able to skin from work!

sampled the local flavor

so under that overhanging tree on the left there was a 16" dolly which after several failed bow and arrow casts I finally got a drift, the 16incher charged and out of nowhere a 20 incher showed up and beat it to the fly, then ran up around that clump of grass and broke me off

floated the big water

dry flies are good

went for a bike ride

more small stream magic

good news guys

Virgin Creek Valley recieving god rays

now its time for big fish fall


Proud to Be Alaskan
so several things, a) there are almost no wild kings in inside waters of southeast alaska in July, b) it was caught at a hatchery release site c) its small as fuck, usually the wild guys are double that size.

On a side rant, our state is super idiotic in not marking hatchery fish. We have several streams with unmarked hatchery releases that get closed when wild returns are bad, and its basically a huge waste of money and lost opportunity to harvest those fish.

But yeah 99.9% chance that was of hatchery origin. Coulda been wild I guess, there's a few, but they aren't native to the area.

Ed Call

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Powder Monkey, way to come back from a while off the forum radar. Righteous summer photo exposé for sure. Thanks for putting that into view!

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