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Jerry Daschofsky

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Ok, I don't need a lecture or a sell on another vehicle. I'm helping my son get his first rig. Since it's mostly his cash paying for it, he's the one to choose what he wants. He's set on a Jeep, so that's what we're looking for. Plus, I owned Jeep Cherokee years ago, so have been around them(so don't need the pluses and minuses on them LOL).

Sooooooo. First off, he only has around $1000 to spend. Been scoping craigslist, but they're either way up near the Canadian border, near Oregon, or sold before we can even get there to look at them. He's in his 3rd year of Autoshop at school. So needing work is fine. Just would like it to run, be drivable home, and would like to be street legal. LOL. He's looking for a 4 door Jeep Cherokee with the 6 cylinder in it. Not Grand Cherokees. Options, etc isn't a big deal. He just wants something he can toss his gear in, drive back and forth to school in, and tow his drift boat with.

So, what do you got, or do you have a lead? He's 16 and will be his first rig. And yes, I know that they'll probably be beat from someone off this board. Think that's what Brad needs. ;)
Jerry, sorry not a lead. Just a hint as to direction to look. If you find a 98 to 01 snach it up. Jeep put a different transfer case in these. Best one ever offered.
I've got a 1976 Wagoneer that I've put over 10K into. It was a project with one of my sons. It has a balanced 360 with rancho shocks, new leaf springs, edlebrock intake manifold with edlebrock 600 cfm carburator tuned by Jim Green's Performance shop, newer tires, new headliner, original interior, including original radio that still works. It also has a CB radio that works too. I know I'll never get out of it what I've put into it, but I'd like to sell to someone who would appreciate it. Send me a PM with your phone # and I'll give you a call.


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I had a 93 Cherokee that I got rid of, sadly, around 2005. It's a testament to the changing times in which we live: that was the last car where I could pop the hood, identify every part, order a replacement, remove the old one and put in the new. Now, I can't even find the spark plugs.
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