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Local beach still a little crowded, so I only fished for a short while. I really thought the rivers would start drawing some of these guys off the beach by now. Anyway, after my short skunking I proceeded to drive off with my rod on top of the van. Realized it just before I got home. I doubled back but it was gone. I know its a long shot because I didn't see any other fly fishers while I was out there, but if anyone happens to have come across it I would love to get it back. Should have come off right at the intersection of Lincoln Park Way and Beach Dr. It is a 9'6" Sage Fli 8wt with a Tioga reel. I am pissed, I liked that setup and now I have to frickin' spend money to replace it.

That's a bummer man. I have only lost one fly rod and it was a theft out of the back of my truck. I remember how that felt and it sucked. Hope you get it back. You should print fliers and put them up, i.e. lost fly rod; enjoys long walks on the beach; please return.


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did the same thing on the snohomish a few years ago (last hump run).
only my rig was a cheap 8 wt Cortland, so no big deal. i would be bummed about the sage too.


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Hope you get it back. I'm also one of those that puts his fly rod on top of his van. I just feel safer getting all of the other crap put away before I lay my rod in. I hope I never forget.


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DKL has my deepest sympathies and I sincerely hope that you do get your rod / reel back.

This comment is not directed toward DKL, but advice (unsought...) to everyone. There are a dozen or more of these sorts of reports every year on WFF. "I left the rod at the take-out." "I left the rod on the roof of my car." "I left the rod propped against a tree." Occasionally, we do read wonderful stories of rods returned to their owners (and this will hopefully be one of those). But more often, the rod disappears or its been run over or the rod tip gets crunched in the trunk/tailgate/door.

You've been fishing all day and you're tired and distracted (and either pissed or excited). But the FIRST thing you have to do is put away your rod, even before you take off your waders or whatever. It is probably the most expensive (and delicate) item that you brought fishing. But except for the reel at the far end, your rod is one of the hardest to notice. When you are heading out at the start of the day, leave your rod case where you can access when you get back to your vehicle (or stash it in the drift boat, if possible). When you get back, put the rod away first. If this becomes your habit, one is less likely to be the initiator of a thread like this one.



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I wish you luck getting it back, definitely seems like a really nice setup. But if you can, maybe get yourself a new rod and reel. Kind of an early Christmas present for yourself. Just advice, I always break down my rods and put in the trunk before anything else, and one more important thing is to make sure your car key is outside of your car/vehicle. Just to prevent locking yourself out. Personal experience :D


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Oh I forgot, I went fishing hardware with my old man today and caught zero fish. We saw a lot of fish jumping, but landed nothing. Tomorrow, I might bring my fly rod with me and we are going to fish the Duwi on the east waterway.


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Some years my dad meets me at the GR in the fall and he drives out from Wisconsin. A few years ago he drove away heading back home and left his set up on the roof of his van and didn't realize it until the next day. (I guess the acorn doesn't fall far from the tree.) He was actually able to track it down at Boggans and got it sent back to him in Wisconsin. Although, losing something like this out there compared to the big city I imagine is quite a bit different. Got my fingers crossed but I'm not holding my breath. Thanks for the advice, but I already know better and still did it.



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Ouch....hopefully one of the good people left in the world will find your rod. Put an ad up on Craigslist as well just in case.


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You should post this on some of the gear boards like Washington Lakes, Gamefishin and Piscatorial Pursuits.
Perhaps a member of one of those boards found it that doesn't frequent WFF.

Hope you get your outfit back.
Just a thought for you.

Earlier this summer, I left my rod on the top of my vanagon after fishing at a beach in Burien. Got my waders off, hopped in the van, and drove. I went probably about two miles before stopping at a gas station. While gassing up, I looked in the back of the van and realized my rod wasn't in there!

But, looking up on top--the rod was still sitting on top of the van. This was maybe a little different, as the reel was sitting down in the little luggage rack that a vanagon has on top of it. But regardless, I drove quite a ways without it falling off. I was surprised that it hadn't. This might be a bit late, but it might be worth double checking the whole route you drove.

Needless to say, I never put my rod on top of the van anymore.

Anyway, sorry to hear about the rod. Hope it turns out well for you.
This is why I always (carefully, it's metal on glass afterall) lay my setups on my windshield when packing/unpacking. Pert near impossible to drive off without it loaded up. Especially on those last evening pack-ins where just a few feet away makes it out of sight.


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As much as I agree with the theory of putting away your rod first, when I've been in a rush for some reason fully disassembling the rod and securing it safely back in it's tube often seemed like enough of a pain that I'd often prioritize something else first, like getting out of my wet gear or getting out of the rain and leave the rod disassembly for last.

In order to make stashing the rod fast and easy enough to do first, I made a rod-tube out of 2' ABS (lined with outdoor carpet to keep the rattling to a minimum) with a slot cut in the end to accommodate the reel, so that when I get back to my truck all I have to do is pull the rod apart at the middle and slide it into the tube and I'm good to go. This set-up has also made it super-easy to pre-rig the rod and leave it out the night before I head out without having to worry about any of the mishaps that can befall an unprotected fly-rod in a busy house, and saves me a few minutes of headlamp time when I get wherever I'm going.

For folks who float in rivers in pontoon boats, this sort of setup can also supposedly come in handy when you need to secure your rod when you're floating through a rough stretch of water.
This is why I always (carefully, it's metal on glass afterall) lay my setups on my windshield when packing/unpacking. Pert near impossible to drive off without it loaded up. Especially on those last evening pack-ins where just a few feet away makes it out of sight.
I do the same thing and I make sure I place it on the driver's side so if I sit in the seat I immediately see it in front of me.


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I recently left my reel case on the roof of my vehicle at Dash Point. At least it was only my reel case. I feel for you, DKL. Hope that some honest person found it and will make sure it gets back to you. If you were in a park, did you try contacting someone at the office (if there is one)?

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