Nisqually Pinks?


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Not looking for anyone's spots or beaches, just wondering if anyone has encountered any pinks anywhere south of Commencement Bay. I heard lots of talk about the ~ 0.75-1 million fish headed that way, but haven't heard of much in the way of sightings in the salt.
the Nisqually was hot today. it was elbow to elbow combat fishin but all got along very good. not really my kind of fishin and no I didn't land any. it was all gear no way I was going to fly today. :oops:
Didn't get out this weekend, but I scouted a local beach last week and didn't see much of anything moving through. A few pods mid-day on Wednesday, but not much beyond that. I'm hoping it's still early.
Last Sunday I was out on the southwest corner of Anderson Island and the fishing for pinks was hot for about an hour and then was done. This was about an hour after slack tide and the tide was coming in. Fish were definitely on the edge of the tidal convergence there. We only ended up bringing two pinks home, but had hooked a few more in that time.

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fished tonight after work high slack tide ,dead calm ,saw no fish rising .Went to mouth of river to check it out seals were chasing afew fish along the shore some out in deeper water,but no schools. RRRRRRRRReally doubt I could have got one in the boat with over 30 seals within casting distance. Went from there out to deeper water to the channel marker chated with another guy who also had no fish.We fished till after sunset,with no hits no runs no fish.Think I,llstick to my spot on the river.
on the river today. my buddy landed a nice king about 10 lbs but it was wild, had to let it go. no coho's seen. I got one pink and my buddy got 2. several pinks landed today. it shut off a lot when the tide was going out. should be good in a couple of weeks for coho, I hope.
I finished a round of golf at Auburn yesterday evening and scouted the green river. It was boiling with pinks and their were some really nice ones being caught (although they were darker and wearing their hump). I wished I had my 7 wt and my waders - there was plenty of parking at that particular time and the people I talked to were very nice. I'll probably swing back by there today and do some catch and release. The river is small and looks like fun. From what I understand, the tide changes do not affect the water levels there. There are occasional coho and king sightings, but mostly pinks. Warning: there are also steep banks and tough casting conditions for the fly flingers - this is an ideal spot for the switch rod.
Keep in mind that all forecasts are a return to 4B (line near Neah Bay). The number of fish that reach our rivers in deep SS are affected by all mixed stock fisheries. Exploitation rates have historically been low but give that commerical fisherman were getting 30 cent per lb this year the game has changed. The preseason forecast of ~700k was the product of a large return in 2011. The 2011 return was the largest since the 60s so it was difficult to say much out recruits per spawner from such a run. That said, approximately 100k have been passed at the weir, that many are likely spawning below the weir, there are still a bunch of fish to come, and millions have been harvested in the marine water. 700k seems reasonable.....


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The price was 40 cents for refridgerated sea water stored fish
We fished upper area 13 and saw a few fish no pinks
Silvers are cruising around

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