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Idiot Savant
My opening to grouse season was, shall we say, brief and wet. My wife, Grand daughter and I headed east last Thursday to the property on predictions of flash flooding in the Omak area. Our place is east of Oroville but not that far from the predicted rain. When we arrived it was still partly sunny so I beat feet for the woods after unpacking. The girls had sewing and cooking on their minds.

Sasha and I headed for my favorite road to hunt...not to be confused with road hunting. It's given name is the Split Rock Rd. I tend to give nicknames to old logging spurs that are now no more than game trails. This one has an entrance through a split in a rock wall. A few yards in you run into this:

Sasha and I pushed on past the gate to my favorite covert. It has yielded quite a few nice grouse over the years. This year would be no disappointment. Oddly enough Sasha walked right past the bird. I caught up a few seconds later to see it staring at me atop this rock. We played the who will blink first game for a few seconds and it decided it was time to split. Straight away shots are hard enough as you need to get through the butt end and back of the bird to drop it. The new Beretta Silver Pigeon 28 gauge did the trick though.
Sasha did her now comical act of running to the downed bird and looking back at me as if to say "aren't you going to come pick this up"? So much for retrieving...

We headed back to the truck with no other opportunities. Sasha was ready for a cool down so we headed to Summit Lake and she knew right where she wanted to go. A fitting reward for all her running around, despite missing the flush.

It was close to dinner time as we headed out of the forest for the house. But I was wondering if there was still more birds for the finding. We'll see tomorrow...

This was the view from up on top looking north to Canada.

That night around 3:00 the shit hit the fan and all hell broke loose in the sky. Lightning and thunder with sheets of rain so thick they looked like "waves on the ocean" my Grand daughter said. We sat in the dark and watched the storm dump it's fury for around a half hour and then retreated to bed. The next three days were a constant mix of rain and clearing that put a real damper on the hunting. I did venture out regardless but the birds were jumpy and three other flushes were a bust. This was pretty much the view at the house the rest of the visit.

Despite the lack luster hunting the visit was memorable and pleasantly so. I head back up in a few weeks and will be joined by some old friends to cast and blast. It should be great fun for sure.

Good luck to others this season...
Yes sir, it was a wet and wild week.
I hadn't hunted my old stomping grounds in many years, Loop Loop area.
I saw two grouse, killed one in four days of hard hunting.
Was it the weather, the old burn, a poor hatching season?
Awesome T storms were worth the trip.

Alex MacDonald

that's His Lordship, to you.....
We flushed a bunch of young birds in the trees last Wednesday. Don missed two shots, John Lorenz missed one, but my little .410 didn't. Too hot for the ruffs to be anywhere but the deep timber though. After the decent rains we've had it's beginning to warm up again, so it's back to the der SchwarzWald.


Idiot Savant
Scott, despite the torrential rains there were no washouts or slides in the area. It sounds like Hwy 20 is still experiencing troubles though. WSDOT says they expect to reopen on Thursday.

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