Mystery Fish?


Pardon my ignorance... I was fishing some forks near North Bend on Saturday morning. I caught a few of these guys and at first I thought it was a carp but not being from around here at all I'm not to sure. Can anyone help me out?



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Dude you need to start carrying a measuring tape.
haha, how do ya think I knew how big it was;) it was a surprise for sure, biggest fish ive hooked while floating the yak (as in while in my toon and not out on foot). im sure it was funny to watch me flail around as it tore line upstream while i went down.
The one steelhead trip I've ever been on I landed four, all over twenty, with one close to two foot. The buddies I were with were disappointed, but I thought they were great.

The pic is a whitefish that was close to six pounds I caught this spring.


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Yes it is a mountain whitefish; one of two native whitefish species found in this state (the other is the pygmy whitefish) .

Amazing the size of whitefish some have caught. The State record is a fish of 5# 2 ounces (from the Columbia) that was 21.5 inches long.

Triploidjunkie - A very nice whitefish. Don't know where it was caught but could it have been a lake whitefish; a different species that is an exotic in this State? They can get quite large with individuals in excess of 20# have been reported from the Great Lakes.


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