Sunday night football game Missoula

I'm heading to Missoula this Saturday for a week on Rock Creek. I'm a die hard 49ers (probably not the preferred team around here) fan so I don't want to miss the game. I called Rock Creek lodge and they told me they usually have the game on Sunday night but I'm not sure that is a definite enough answer for me, so does anyone have a recommendation for a casual place in Missoula to grab a bite to eat and catch the game?


Kent Lufkin

Remember when you could remember everything?
x3 but with the caution that it can be more than a little loud there in case you're set on listening to the play-by-play. As of this morning, the Hawks are still a 3 point favorite so it should be a good game.


Kyle Smith

DBA BozoKlown406
Flipper's, on 3rd St. Last time I saw a Hawks-Niners game there it was about 30 people rooting for each team. One of the best burgers in town, and a great semi-trashy place to watch a game with really nice strangers. Bartender Donnie is a local celebrity and you will love him.

Jim Ficklin

Genuine Montana Fossil
I remember a visit to the Silver Dollar(or another Missoula bar by the same name) during my intemperate youth back in the '70's . . . an exciting night for sure, but it was more like playing football as I recall . . .