Loomis Mahogany (GL3) small stream blank + tube

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Good deal on nice small stream / panfish blank >>>> G. Loomis Mahogany (GL3) 6'6" 3wt 2pc blank (model F783) - tip over butt ferrule, beautiful gloss reddish brown color, with factory decal - factory first blank - very light & versatile, medium-fast but still pretty sweet - blank retails for $99, factory rod with same blank in matte black color retails for $235 - with unused Clear Creek zippered, padded dark blue tube with divided liners (no rod sock needed), 1.5" inside diam., correct length for this blank - $50 for blank + $12 for tube + shipping & insurance - I probably wouldn't part with this blank & tube at this price, but already have a couple of shorter rods & kind of need the money >>>> email with any questions - thanks!
Hey, you guys can trust this guy for whatever he's got up for sale. I've bought from him twice now, and I would definately buy again! On both occasions, the items (a rod case,then a rod) were in better than described condition, and he ships stuff well packaged and quickly!
Just for your info, thats all.
Blank & tube are Sold.

The blank & tube are now sold.

By the way, thanks for the kind words, Bryan! Hope to meet you on the stream/lake someday!

I am hakf heartedly looking for a 2wt, any ideas,blanks? I wouldn't mind buildinga a rod, have yet to try. I have an orvis CFO reel loaded with 2wf line waiting for a good deal to come my way--any ideas?


Hi Mcronariver,
There are a lot of really nice 2wt's out there, but most of the bigger name factory rods are pretty spendy. Like the Scott G, T & T LPS or Paradigm, Sage SLT, even the T & T Horizon & Sage XP come in 2wt if you want a crisper, longer casting rod. You might still be able to find a deal on a discontinued Sage SPL 282-3, which would be a very fine rod. Think I saw this blank somewhere on the net in the last couple of days for ~ $120. Dan Craft sells the Five Rivers Signature IV blanks, including some multipiece 2wt's, for ~ $100, maybe a bit less if you happen to catch one of his auctions. Some of the Five Rivers are more of 2/3, but he's had some models that were true 2wt's as well. If you don't mind 2pc rods, I would take a serious look at the St. Croix 2wt's. I've cast both the Avid & Legend Ultra 7'6" 2wt rods, & was pretty impressed. I personally liked the Avid better myself, but would recommend trying both if you can. While I've never built or fished one, I see of lot of folks on different boards saying how much they like rods built on 2wt blanks from Pacific Bay, Hook & Hackle, & Batson/Rainshadow, but the vast majority of these posts say that the rod actually casts much better with a 3wt line. Yeah, for the money, the St. Croix's would be worth a look, & I'll let you know if I figure out where I saw the SPL 282-3 blank. Take care!

Haven't been able to find that SPL 2wt blank I spotted the other day. I had another thought: if you are after smooth & delicate with a 2wt, & aren't too concerned about wind & distance with this wand, you might like the Diamondback Classic Trout (discontinued) in the 7'9" 2wt model. Very fine rod that you might be able to find a good price on somewhere. The Orvis Superfine 7'9" 2wt (Ultra Fine) is also a very nice light action rod, that you can sometimes find a deal on (I believe there's a mint condition one on eBay right now with no bids for opening price of $150). Best of luck in your search for your 2wt deal. Let us know what you end up with!

Thanks for the advice--I like the sound of the Sage spl. I own a few of their rods and I like Winston. I will look into the Orvis though. I am not concerned about distance, this wil be my "get away to a secret creek rod." I usually fish big water but sometimes it is nice to fish decent size creeks with character. I have not casted the St,Croix ultra or legend but I hear some of the guys on the site like them, plus they are a hell os alot cheaper. I am looking for a deal and probably will have to upgrade my fly-vice here soon so I am not sure if I can afford both. Maybe I can live on topramen and potatos for a few years?

take care and I will keep a look out

I have always wanted to build one, so maybe this would be a good opportunity. I will try to find them on the net, do they have a web site, I am not familiar with the name? Loomis Blank?


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