FS New Beulahs for sale low prices

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Selling the following new rods all rods are in the tube factory sock with plastic on the handle.
Reps samples no longer a rep working in another area of the industry as one of my many jobs. Went to the corporate side of thing no longer on the road. Pic upon request but they are all new, tons of sales on this site and others as my life changes and more and progresses.

Guide series single hand two tips lifetime warranty 155.00 each shipping included
7' 6" 3wt 4 piece
Classic spey series all in factory tube sock etc 265 with shipping sold pending funds
13'6" 8/9
Canadians please add 5 bucks for posting
Sure can where would you like it sent. Also the rod is brand new no blemishes looks a lot like the ones on the Beulah site. heck the plastic is still on the darn handle.
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