Looking to fish the Snoho tomorrow...

Cole L

Fish Fiend
First time fishing it, need a spot to get my feet in the water and to have some back casting room. Any suggestions? I dont really care about crowds, I just want to be able to cast to some fish that will bite...


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No secret spots, but you could always go to Lews St. Bridge in Monroe (on the Sky). You could go to the Bob Heirman wildlife park and walk downstream a ways to some areas with back-cast room. There's a couple pay to access bars in that area. Personally, I'd rather fish the Skykomish, just because the banks are more open, the river is shallower, no slack water, and no tidal influence.
I was planning on fishing the Snohomish tomorrow. You could call / text me at 206-745-0282 if you would like to meet up. I'm a bit of a beginner with a fly rod, but fished these rivers many times with spinning tackle and know a few spots we could go. By the way, my name is Jason. Hope to hear from you. I'll be heading that direction from Northgate around 6:30am.