...is real.

My first thanks go out to the three young flyfishers who interrupted catching pink after pink to row me across the mighty Skagit today so I could find a way back to my truck. I hiked then bushwhacked in to my old favorite spot, lost the "trail" back out (twice) and didn't realize that being lost in the those woods was so f'in scary.

Second thanks to the nice bowhunter kid (who isn't a flyfisher so won't read this) for giving me a ride all the way back across the river and down the road to my rig where a cold beer was waiting...he had a 4 x 4 buck with a hole in its chest in the bed of his truck from the Chelan area and must've thought me in my pack looked pretty pathetic hoofing down Hwy 20 so he picked me up.

I've helped some guys before so it musta been karma...


Not to be confused with Freestone
Lucky you. I agree, that sudden feeling that you are lost indeed brings on a sense of panic. Despite what seems to be an overwhelming negative spin on people (primarily by our news media outlets...good news doesn't sell), it's refreshing to hear how folks help out one another.

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