Yakima River Temperatures

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John Hicks

Owner and operator of Sea Run Pursuits

I do not understand the logic of your last post. You say that if the guides stop you will. The fact is that most of the guides have stopped. The science is in fact pretty concrete on this subject. Fish kill is significantly higher at the temps that are now happening in the Yak.

You say that you fish the Yak a few times a month and you are not putting a stress on the fish. Well you put a lot of stress on "30" fish the other day.
Just my two cents, not Red's. You guys should quit pissing up the rope.

Anglers like yourself catch way more fish than the guides do with the majority of their anglers on any day. You also fight and release your fish easier than most clients that are on a guided trip do. Yes we have a few clients that can catch fish like Gabe does, but that is the vast minority. We have some guests that can play and restore fish in an instant again the vast minority. I only hoped by posting this that many would take care of the fish by not fishing in the heat of the day. I did post at the request of Steve.

You will not see me on the river fishing because I would rather not take a chance. Not the Yakima or not the Naches.


Jerry Daschofsky

Staff member
One thing to consider with the temps is the gear you use. Keep the ultra lights at home. Beef up the rod to get the fish in. Don't head out to warm water conditions for cold water fish with a light action rod where you can't get them in fast. Get them to net and released. If the fish is near rolling over on it's back, then you played it too long and may want to rethink your gear for that trip being a tad light.

Back onto the thread over the pissing back and forth. I heard there is rain a coming. Warm, but rain. You guys getting any up in E'burg? Chance to freshen river and maintain or raise flow a bit?

Dan Nelson

Hiker, Fisher, Writer, Bum
If the WDFW stopped fishing or all the major Yakima guide services publicly stated that they are voluntarily stopping guiding/fishing operations I would also happily stop fishing.

So if the Government or Businesses say to stop, you will but not until then?

The major guides stated they DID cancel/reschedule trips. WDFW won't make a change in regulations quickly or easily. But then again, do you -- or any responsible angler -- really need the government to tell you when to do the right thing? Is that really your position on fishing ethics -- the government sets the standard?

You say you the fish you released were energetic and survived, but how do you know? A fish released into 70-degree water will try to quickly dive back into cooler, deep or moving water. But will they survive? The science says probably not.

Ed Call

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You speak in definitive terms that you have killed zero fish. Hard to believe such a claim from any accomplished angler with 30 years experience. You can lash out at me next and recite your no fish killed in 30 years mantra and further demonstrate your own defensive position that many will not accept.

The only way you have killed no fish in that time is if you've not caught any in that time. Just because you watched them swim away, does not mean you applied no stress. Some of those stressful encounters likely resulted in a fish fatality or few. Imagine it is possible, or continue to deny what all the statistics, studies and experience anglers and guides have shown to reflect reality.

Most guides catch fewer fish than you. Not because you are as talented as you think, but because they're holding the oar handles while their clients hold the rod handle. Some have said what they are doing to reduce fish stress and mortality, rescheduling, relocating and canceling. You've said what you are doing...fishing until WDFW says stop or all the guides stop.

Leadership leads...followership follows. You've made your choice readily apparent. You probably use a 2-3wt and 7x routinely too, don't you?

Jerry Daschofsky

Staff member
I would not have expected a smart ass comment from the moderator. I thought you were better than that Ed?
Maybe one day we can fish together and you can see for yourself the ignorance of your post? Spending a day fishing together you can See for yourself and may sway your view more than anything I write.

BTW, Friday I used a 586-4 with 4x.
Dude, are you new? I've been a moderator the longest and am the biggest smart ass on here and real life. LOL
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