Heavy weather


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I have family in Clear Lake and lots of history related to that town from both sides of my folks. But even more important, it is the gateway to the south Skagit Highway and the place of fishing in my youth.

Jerry Daschofsky

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I've read that the Pacific NW is one of the most difficult areas for predicting the weather.

It can change very quickly due to our close proximity to the Pacific.

The weather folks in the mid-west have a much better chance at getting it right.
Haven't you heard, Jim?...

It's because personal responsibility has become a thing of the past.
Everyone seems to want someone else to take care of them and if something goes wrong in their life, someone else is to blame.

Weather forecasts are entertaining sometimes though. And sometimes they get it right!
It's sad to say, like most, my college degree doesn't have anything to do with my job (well, sorta anyways). I have an aviation degree (with a specialty in professional pilot). Part of the degree was weather classes, then an "aviation weather" class. Guess what each instructor told us? That weathermen (and women) are purely paid to guess. Yes, they do have some pretty sure things when it comes to the forecast. But for the most part they can only take what they have and make a guess. Then when you want extended forecasts, again it comes down to taking averages and hoping they hold true. Even those certified meteorologists. It's all a gamble. Just they have a degree to give them MORE of a chance to be right. ;)

Greg Price

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I am always amazed that weather people make great guesses. My hat is off to those who make my outdoor life more predictable. Last month they forcast thunder/lightning for one of my camping weekends. I thought "no way" because when I set my tent up it was 80 degrees, but that night had a rip roaring thunderstorm that woke me up about midnight. No harm, tent leaked a little, but it was warm.

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