Quick clackamas report

My car was due for service today so I got up early and fished the upper Clackamas since the dealer is over that way. Swung through the first stretch with no love. Probably spooked all the fish while I flailed away trying to get in the groove of things. Walked down river a bit to the next run and half way through I got a hard pull and had a fish on. Initially thought it was steel because of the tug, drug the fish in without much fight and it was the biggest whitefish I've ever seen. Seems most people don't care for catching whities but I kind of enjoy it even if it isn't the intended target. Let the poor guy go and resumed working my way down. About two casts away from the end of the run, I make my first strip to start retrieving my line, my reel screams and a steelhead rockets out of the water. It was a hatchery buck, made two brief runs and jumped a few times but certainly not the hottest nor biggest fish in the water. Nevertheless, it made my morning. It's been a pretty quiet summer on the steelhead front so it was nice to get one.



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Hard to tell with some summer runs, but I'd trust the guy that cut it open. That guy does look a little androgynous, though.

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