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I posted this in another location in the forum here and was advised that this would be a better location to post:

New to the forum here and new to fishing in Washington State. Just moved up here last year. Am fairly new at Fly Fishing having fished for trout in NM, OK, and AR and some grayling in Alaska. I have ordered a couple of books on fishing in the Northwest and would like to get recommendations on books, videos, and fly patterns to use here for Steelhead and Salmon. Are there any assortments that you guys could recommend? Thanks for your help and look forward to getting on the waters here!

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welcome, with the skagit and stilly being close you have some great options, not to mention the sauk, nutsac, and some smaller streams. you single handing or double handing? you will learn quickly why so many people are using two handers now in washington


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Single handing at the moment. Only fishing I have done is trout, with a bit of smallmouth. Never tried spey before but willing to learn anything once!
Welcome welcome. Some great free books right now on kindle. Honestly the best resource I have learned from so far is the kind people on this forum. I have made a few good friends already and they have taught me tons. Stay away from bassturds though.
Book called A steelheaders way is good. I have also heard good things about Dec Hogans book on steelheading. Also, buy your gear at your local fly shop. I learned that the hardway. Buying your gear from a reputable retailer like your local fly shop will not only support local economies, but also create a relationship with that shop which will pay back ten fold.

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