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This thread is obviously geared toward the young, social media connected segment of the forum. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess you or someone you fish with is wearing some new hardware?

Derek Young

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Interesting, the comments include the actual elbow-owner (and friends) who insist that the "fly" actually came from a salmon snagged by a tribal fisherman, using a "Skok" fly? Hmm...
I was driving around the Skok while camping at Potlach over Labor day. Never really even seen the Skok so my buddy drove me around. It was closed to fishing, at least for non natives, so it was pretty quiet. I enjoyed seeing all the kings stacked up like cord wood. We must have spent close to an hour just watching the fish.

What I did not enjoy was when a 12-14 year old native boy arrived with his white step mother. He rigged up a huge treble hook with not even a piece of yarn, along with a chunk of lead hanging about 6" below the hook and started casting into the mass of kings. He didn't even bother trying to hide his method. I guess snagging is legal for natives from what his mother was saying. The worst part was when he finally snagged one it got hung up on a tree that was under water in the middle of the river. He messed with it for a good while all the while we could see the fish thrashing around under water where it was stuck. His line finally broke but the fish was never freed. Itwas stuck there to slowly die. Just made me sick.... something I made a big show of telling my son quite loudly as we walked past them.

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