I need drift boat oars.

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Does anyone have any 9' - 9.5' Foot oars they want to sell? Id prefer Sawyers (Graphite, Wood, Fiber, Etc)... But cataract or any of the other decent brands will do as well...

I'm also in the market for some used Oar Rights!

Please email gdstark@mac.com if you have anything!


I've seen them on e-bay, but I would bet the shipping is pretty high.

I would also like to find some oars, but I'm after a set of 8'-8'6" composite oars for my pontoon boat.

I'll keep my eyes open for you, do the same for me if you would.:smokin :beer2 :smokin

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There is a guy from Michigan selling a pair on the www.flyshop.com classifieds board, miscellaneous link.

"I have for sale a pair of like new (used on only four trips) 9’ Carlisle aluminum 2 piece drift boat oars. Oars come with "Oar Rights", sleeves, and "Cataract" Counter Balance weights. Great deal!! Worth over $250.00. Will sell for $150.00 OBO. Plus Shipping. E- mail me at mgrauf@chartermi.net"

Not exactly what you are looking for, just a heads up.

Contact John Nolan at Hyde Boats (800-444-4933 ext. 112
JNolan@hydeboats.com), they will be out here for the fly-fishing show in Feb. He could probably just bring them out so you wouldn't have to pay shipping. They several types of Cataract and Carlisle oars on their website for a good price. I have Cataract on my driftboat and they have worked extremely well. Also GI Joes in Issaquah has "oar rights for $25.
Thank you all for your help! I finally settled on some sawyer polecats... 9'4"... THose Barkley oars are pretty nice though! May have to pick some up for my next set... I go through oars like they are going out of style :)

Thanks again everyone!

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